Globus provides capabilities to create and manage groups, which can then be used to share files and folders with a group of Globus users.

  1. The Groups dashboard is the home for all group management capability in Globus. You can create a new group by clicking on one of the "Create New Group" links as shown below.

  2. Provide a name for the group, and an optional description that tells prospective members a bit more about the group. Then click "Create Group".

  3. You can now add users to the group by inviting other Globus users to join.


    You can invite users either by providing their email address or by searching for their Globus identity. A notification will be sent to the user’s registered email address with a link to use to accept the invitation to the group.

    • Invite by email address: Enter the email address for the person you wish to invite. This is a good option to use for members who don’t yet have a Globus account.

    • Invite by Globus identity: You can search for a Globus identity and check the box next to the user(s) you wish to invite to the group.

Note:Group policy settings can be configured under the Settings tab.