Last Updated: February 14, 2018

This API provides a REST-style interface to the Globus reliable file transfer service. The Transfer API supports monitoring the progress of a user’s file transfer tasks, managing file transfer endpoints, listing remote directories, and submitting new transfer and delete tasks. The API is ideal for integration into Portals or Gateways to provide complex reliable file transfer capabilities without having to develop and support these features on your own. It is also easy to use for scripting, using any standard HTTPS or REST client library in scripting languages like Python and Ruby.


Mailing List

The mailing list is the best place to get help using the Transfer API. Announcements about new features and deprecations are also sent to the list, so all users of the API are encouraged to subscribe.

Note:The list replaces the old transfer-api list. The archives for the old list may still be useful, and is available and searchable here.

Example Clients

The client libraries are hosted on github:

The Python client is also available on PyPI, and can be installed with easy_install or pip, e.g. easy_install globusonline-transfer-api-client. This will install the client library, but not the examples and the CA certificate.

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