Typically used as part of a GSearchRequest

Field Name Required? Rules Description



must be "GSort" if present



must be "2017-09-01" if present




The field to which the filter refers. Any dots (".") must be escaped with a preceeding backslash ("\") character.




Must be one of "asc" or "desc" indicating the ordering of the sort: ascending ("asc") or descending ("desc"). Also, see note on sorting when multiple values are present for a particular field.

Note:A single field may contain multiple values for a single subject such as when an array of values is provided or when there are multiple GMetaEntry structures which refer to the same subject. In this situation, the value to be used during sorting will be the "smallest" when sorting in ascending order and "largest" when sorting in descending order.
Note:Any record which does not contain a value for a field which sorted upon will appear at the end of the sorted list regardless of whether the sort is ascending or descending. If more than one record does not contain a value, the ordering among those records is arbitrary.
Note:For purposes of sorting, a field containing more than 10,000 characters will be considered missing, and will thus be sorted to the end of the list.


Example 1
  "@datatype": "GSort",
  "@version": "2017-09-01",
  "field_name": "author",
  "order": "asc"
Example 2
  "field_name": "",
  "order": "desc"

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