GMetaContent is arbitrary structured data provided by data sources for Globus Search. We only define it among our datatypes to clearly state any rules we have on special fields that have meanings for the service or constraints on the value of different fields.

Field Name Required? Rules Description



must be an object whose attributes are all strings if present

A set of shorthands which will be expanded in all other fields of the document

The field with special handling in the content is the @context field, which is used to define a shorthand for values which are interpolated into the document keys. To best understand, see the examples section.


  1. All text or string type fields are constrained on their total length when used for faceting or sorting. A record containing more than 10,000 characters in a field will not appear in any facet buckets for that field. A record which contains more than 10,000 characters will appear at the end of any sort operation on that field even though it may lexically appear earlier in the list.


Example 1
  "@context": {
    "f": "file_meta"
  "f:type": "file",
  "f:extension": "txt",
  "f:name" : "abc.txt"

which is equivalent to and will be expanded as:

  "file_meta#type": "file",
  "file_meta#extension": "txt",
  "file_meta#name": "abc.txt"

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