Upgrades from v1.1.1


  • Fix Group membership checks to include full identity set

  • Unauthed use of restricted APIs no longer produces (incorrect) 403s, but 401s instead

Major Improvements

  • Index Locking. When data is being reindexed by Search (e.g. because of a requested update to schema information), the index will now enter a Locked state.

    • Previously, writes were allowed but had a risk of being discarded by the reindex operation.

    • While an index is Locked, attempts to write to it will return 409 Conflict Errors. Any impacted operations have had their documentation pages updated.

  • Unicode-aware Sorting. Sorts on text fields containing non-ascii characters should now better reflect typical character orderings.

    • This supports all unicode text fields.

    • There are known cases where language-agnostic unicode sorting differs from typical phonebook ordering for a specific language. These are not bugs in Search.

Minor Improvements

  • Stability and performance improvements

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