Upgrades from v1.0.2

Breaking Changes

There are no breaking changes in v1.1.0

This is the last release to explicitly note no breaking changes. Henceforth, any release notes which do not explicitly mention breaking changes refer to a release which does not contain breaking changes

Major Improvements

  • Add support for Delete-by-Query operations

    • Delete-by-Query requires admin privileges

    • This operation can delete documents which are not visible to the caller, so it should be used with great care. Please read the documentation carefully before using

  • All indices are now reachable using their Index ID value in place of the <index_name> — this is now the preferred method of reaching an index

    • All operations will continue to work normally with the current index_name values

    • Simply GET /v1/index/<index_name> and look at the resulting Index ID value to get the ID of an index for which you know the name. At the bottom of these notes, we provide an example of doing this

    • In a future version, we plan to remove the uniqueness constraint on index_name and make it an editable display name field for indices. At that time it will cease to be possible to resolve an index_name to an index_id value

  • A new namespace has been added to Globus Search under /unstable/ (as opposed to /v1/). Such APIs will not be included in our documentation or release notes, and may change without warning. They are for internal use only.

Minor Improvements

  • Documentation improvements

    • for some APIs include examples of calls with CURL

    • Additional overview documentation visible in the General Documentation space

  • Stability & performance improvements


Examples of new features and usage.

Get and Use Index ID

This gets the ID for an index named myindex and uses it to do a simple lookup.

$ curl 'https://search.api.globus.org/v1/index/myindex' # <1>
  "@datatype": "GSearchIndex",
  "display_name": "myindex",
  "id": "7c8768c8-bcab-41e9-a744-78b9bda53481"
$ curl 'https://search.api.globus.org/v1/index/7c8768c8-bcab-41e9-a744-78b9bda53481' # <2>
  "@datatype": "GSearchIndex",
  "display_name": "myindex",
  "id": "7c8768c8-bcab-41e9-a744-78b9bda53481"
$ curl 'https://search.api.globus.org/v1/index/7c8768c8-bcab-41e9-a744-78b9bda53481/search?q=test' # <3>
  "@datatype": "GSearchResult",
  "@version": "2017-09-01",
  "count": 0,
  "gmeta": [],
  "offset": 0,
  "total": 0
  1. Lookup myindex to get the index_id value (the id in the resulting payload)

  2. Use the ID of myindex, 7c8768c8-bcab-41e9-a744-78b9bda53481, to lookup index metadata (the same call as above)

  3. Use the ID of myindex, 7c8768c8-bcab-41e9-a744-78b9bda53481, to perform a search

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